My travel playlist

We have all been there, stuck on a five hour journey without any charge on our mobiles. It is a nightmare! I struggle to travel anywhere without the company of my music playlists. Even when in the car on a 15 minute journey, the radio has to be on. My music playlists reflect my mood and … More My travel playlist

You aren’t restricted to Magaluf and Aiya Napa

We have all been there, 10 girls or lads sat around a computer discussing your first group holiday. Your list of destinations limited to Magaluf, Aiya Napa, Malia and all the other locations famously shown on the trashy television show (that we love) called Sun Sex and Suspicious parents. Now before I begin, this is in … More You aren’t restricted to Magaluf and Aiya Napa

My English favourite

I bet you all have many spots around England that charm you into visiting time and time again. Mine is the historic city of York. Each street filled with undeniable beauty and ambience that echoes around the gothic architecture. When in the city I feel like I am in a completely different European country. One that entices … More My English favourite