Finding the cheapest Flights

When booking a trip abroad it’s often the case that your flight tickets seem the most bank breaking.

With taxes, seat booking fees, luggage charges and many more hidden extras; how can you be sure you are truly getting the best price?

Although booking directly with an airline can be expensive it can also add a little more extra security to your trip, such as if your flight delayed and you miss a connecting flight your airline can quickly transfer you. However that doesn’t mean they will – not all are that nice – and it doesn’t mean they have to.

Hence why travel insurance is always a good idea, even if you are penny pinching!

I’m sure everyone will be used to the cute meerkats that have graced our screens for years advertising well similar websites are available to book flights, just without the fluffy little animals.

Websites such as Skyscanner and Travelsupermarket compare deals with hundreds of airlines to find you the best price and add no extra charge for the service.

Student universe  is a handy little website that shows flight, hotels and tour discounts all for students under the age of 26. Perfect really!

Have a think about the time of year you want to travel. It is well known that prices for holidays in general rise in the summer months due to scheduled school holidays; so why not consider Winter or Spring?

Many locations don’t suffer from the teeth chattering cold like us in sunny Britain and you could save a fortune.

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