One ticket, one Continent, a hundred memories.

A small insight into InterRailing, the perfect way to spend your summer.

You could transform your summer into an unforgettable adventure. With one InterRail ticket you are able to travel around Europe for up to one month – that’s 30 Countries starting from £154- Sounds good doesn’t ?

EUROPE: Travel around 30 countries with one ticket.

30 Countries could see you skiing in the Swiss Alps one week and enjoying the nightlife in Madrid, Spain the next.

Travelling around Europe by train gives you the flexibility to see and appreciate each city you visit, allowing you to plan your next location on the way.

How to book:

Booking your InterRailing ticket is simple. You have two ticket types to choose from, a one Country ticket which allows you to travel around one country of your choice or a global ticket allowing you travel around the whole of Europe.

TRAVEL: Travel by train

Once you have made the decision to see the whole of Europe or stick to a selected Country you are given the option to pick your required number of travel days.

Your chosen amount of travel days when buying an InterRail ticket become your maximum amount of days you can travel on, whether they are consecutive or not.

If you are worried about wasting your days sitting around on a train you can also travel by night. It is also a good opportunity to catch up on some sleep or, at least, try considering you won’t have a bed or a bunk unless you pay extra.

What you will need:

You are essentially backpacking so don’t over pack because I can guarantee you will regret it.

How many times have you not worn that fifth swimsuit or third pair of shoes?

A light backpack can be bought online for a reasonable price to help you throughout your trip, it is a lot easier than lugging a suitcase around behind you for the most part of our day.

Don’t take unnecessary valuables. You could be doing some camping throughout your trip or staying in Hostels; let’s just say not everyone is as trustworthy as you think.

A travel guide to Europe is a good idea to ensure you don’t miss any sites you truly want to see. This is a once in a lifetime experience for many people, don’t worry about looking like a ‘typical tourist’ just this once. You might also want to buy a simple language guide, no one will expect you to know Spanish, French and German but a few phrases like ‘Thank you’ and ‘Hello’ are useful.

BUDAPEST: The city by night

All the essentials – I plan on drumming into your head – including travel insurance, ID and your passport also need to come along with you on your InterRailing journey.

Don’t forget a camera, you don’t want to miss taking pictures of some of the best sights you will see.

My little top tip

Although the flexibility of InterRailing is an incredible contributing factor to why it is a great way of travelling, it is a good idea to plan ahead a little bit.

Heading to a city without any plan of where you are going to be staying isn’t the cleverest idea nor is it the safest.

Look up the nearest campsite in the area or call a hostel in advance to ensure they have space for you and your group.

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