An insight into Hostels

If you want to experience the real world and travel on a budget, hostels could be perfect for you.

It is without a doubt one of the easiest ways to make friends when travelling, especially if you are doing so alone.

You can find a hostel in practically every country, in the majority of cities and towns. Plus they are extremely cheap, so whats not to love?

If you are living on the edge with the intention of an unplanned and less organised way of travelling, you don’t even need to prebook your bunk.  Although you may get a little stuck if every hostel is full in the area you wandered into.

STANDARD DORMS: Expect to be sharing a small amount of room with a lot of people.

There are a few international backpacking sites that some hostels offer a discount for your subscription to. You can even book hostels through these websites which offer you a little more security.

Hihostels and VIPbackpackers are internationally based. You are likely to find a site tailored to your chosen destination if you research a little.

Prices vary depending on your location but staying in a Hostel is going to be the most cost  effective.

For a nights stay in Europe, a Hostel is going to cost you around £22 whereas a night in a Hostel in Thailand could cost you as little as £9.

Hostel chains are available in different locations, you are a lot more likely to get what you are expecting somewhere that is well known. Wombats and St Christopher’s Inns are some around Europe and internationally.

Remember to be respectful:

  • Space is limited and you will want to keep all of yours, so why wouldn’t anyone else?

It is best to pack light, you are going to be travelling around and the last thing you want is a huge rucksack to weigh you down.

  • Making friends isn’t that hard. You managed it in primary school, I’m rooting for you to do it again. Just say Hello, be polite and share. You will be amazed how far a little bit of shampoo can get you.
    COMMUNAL AREAS: Make friends starts with a Hello.


  • Keep what’s yours with you. It is really easy to get mixed up with belongings when you are in a 12-bed dorm.

Don’t excuse people of stealing your stuff when you left it in the toilets two nights ago.

  • Back to being respectful, keep the ‘Rudies’ to the private rooms.

It is bound to happen whilst travelling but keep the lustful nights to the ones without an audience.

My little top tip…

Making friends is important and building a relationship with people during your travelling experience is exactly what you need to enjoy your trip, however, everyone needs their personal space.

When its lights out, keep it down. Travelling is tiring and the little sleep you get is vital for everyone.

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