Where is safe to travel?

February 1st is national sickie day – when even a sniffle is a great excuse to take the day off work.

In a ‘sickie day’ type of mood, as the rain pours down outside and rubbish rattles around annoyingly in my garden I have just booked a holiday to cheer myself up a little.

TURKEY: Icmeler beach.

The destination of my choice is Icmeler, Turkey.

I was looking forward to the almost unbearable heat of a holiday in August and eating my body weight in ice cream.

Until almost instantaneously I was warned against visiting the country on a whole.

I don’t scare easily and I often believe we see only the worst of a situation when portrayed by the media but I thought I’d do a little bit of research.

In recent years, the government foreign travel advice has warned us against travelling to some locations.

Although some countries are deemed unsafe altogether others are only partly warned against. Here’s a map showing you warning levels – it even reminds you what countries shaped like a shoe.

WORLD MAP: Colour defined map on where is safe to travel.

It is obviously impossible to predict the future and any trouble that may occur whilst you are sunning yourself but it is key to keep in mind these warnings.

A travel agent once told me that the troubled areas of Turkey are roughly from my UK home to Spain away, putting it into perspective a little bit better.

My little top tip…

Don’t just assume your travel insurance covers the cost of your holiday if you change your mind due to safety conditions. Most agents and companies will only refund the cost of your holiday or change the location if the government ban travels to the location.

Have a good old think before booking a holiday, it’s not cheap to cancel!

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