A manic summer holiday

Students deserve that ‘messy’ holiday at least once in their lifetime.

Everyone needs a summer break, especially those that spend the rest of the year grafting over essays on only a few hours sleep.

Somewhere sunny, somewhere cheap and with lots of other rowdy young adults filling the streets each night.

After being reminded by the amount of horrendous tattoos that stem from drunken holidays in Magaluf -shown on E4’s Tattoo fixers- I thought I would look into where the best place is to make the laughable memories.

Number one

Ibiza maintains its positive reputation for an incredible holiday destination; a beautiful setting for a buzzing nightlife scene.

The mediterranean sea surrounds the sandy beaches, filled by day with tourists appreciating the warm climate. By night, the famous Cafe Mambo livens up whilst the sun sets on San Antonio’s strip.

Number two

Thailand may seem less accessible with it being further afield that your average ‘first-holiday’ destination but it’s truly not that expensive.

Full of culture, rural landscapes, beautiful beaches and incredible animals; Thailand is for the more adventurous.

Stray away from the standard Bangkok trips with a Hop on-Hop off bus pass.

Number three

Magaluf is the home of the cheap and cheerful. The British drunken getaway, ignore the news stories not everyone one will be having rudies on a beach.

Palma, a close city,  is full of culture and local heritage if you fancy walking off a hangover after a night in BCM square or on the Magaluf strip.

Number four

Zante is a prime location for large groups fancying a few nights away. Cheap packages mean more money to spend on nights of drinking compared to perfect hotels.

The picturesque Greek island is not to be overlooked with some incredible opportunities such as scuba diving and a boat trip out on the Ionian sea as the sun sets, creating the perfect backdrop to a holiday romance.

Number five

Amsterdam, Holland is home to a sex museum and many late night cafes. You could greet the European city by a £50 boat ride, not bad is it?

Cocktail bars galore and late night theatres will keep you entertained for a short break or a week away. If you fancy a longer summer holiday, try inter-railing and make Amsterdam a sure stop on your way.


My little top tip…

It’s all fun and games spending each night getting drunk and then missing the day laid in a hotel bed but why not stay off the cheap booze for a day or two. Not only will this give your liver a rest but even Magaluf has some beautiful neighbours.

logoAre you ready to explore?


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