A hidden gem

Beautifully situated on the north coast of Corfu, Costas golden beach in Agios Georgios can only be described as a little diamond.

This one is a little different to my usual adventure fuelled travelling tips and experiences. However if you are looking for something quiet, romantic, relaxing or simply authentic then this hotel is one for you.

I’m not talking boutique when I refer to authentic, I’m talking family orientated and personal.

The aroma of fresh flowers follows you across the land up until the hotel reception where you may be greeted by one of the family pets.

From the outset, you will feel like you are at a home away from home. Welcomed by a wonderful family that will check you into their establishment; which is truly their pride and joy.

The rooms are immaculate- although a little dated- you can not fault them.

Safe deposit boxes are available in the rooms, giving your possible 1st story room a little more safety.

Each room has a private balcony or terrace facing out over the pool and capturing the calm Northern bay from sunrise to sunset.

For those who can’t relax on one of the many sun lounges for the day, buses are available to take you into the city centre. A place where shops and restaurants line each street and crowds of tourists walk every corner.

Sidari, a little north from Agios Georgios provides an excellent nightlife for those wanting to dance the night away. Quieter than the countries famous Kavos, however giving the coast its own party atmosphere.

A walk into Paleokastritsa will see you on one of the many James Bond sets, along with the beautiful mountain views of the island that accompany it.

You can spend a day on the site of the hotel, with a mini market a short walk away, a tennis court and pool on site and an exquisite restaurant inside the hotel.

There are many things to do around Corfu, for everyone not just you!

If you are getting beyond the age of family holidays and this could possibly be your last; suggest Costas Golden Beach hotel, everyone needs to relax once in a while and what better way to do it than in your very own paradise.


My little top tip…

Book a private transfer from the airport. It is around three hours on a plane however your transfer can take up to two hours. This can increase if you are popping into every town to drop off your neighbours, so pay that little extra and get to paradise that little bit quicker.

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