Not so far from a Railcard: Cheapest trains

I will admit- unlike the name- I am a sucker for a train journey somewhere exciting.

Although having a car has its obvious benefits, train journeys can be a lot more relaxing especially when heading into a busy city centre.

From a student point of view, if you are planning on a few alcoholic beverages whilst you are swanning around your new surroundings then a train is most definitely the safest way to travel.

They also make you feel a little less sick than travelling by bus.

From day trips to York and overnight stays in Edinburgh to a busy weekend in the capital London; you can’t go wrong with a speedy trip on the train lines.

They have their positives, along with a few negatives but what doesn’t.

FYI you are no longer allowed to drink alcohol on a train from Middlesbrough to York due to some rowdy so and so but hey ho, there’s always Evil Eye when you get there.

I stand by my usual tips for travelling when booking your train journey.

Number One

It’s always best to search the market. Booking online gives you the freedom to compare prices, so make sure you do it!

Number Two

Student cards and railcards take a reasonably large chunk off the price of your journey. If you travel by train a lot or are looking to do so in the future invest in one.

The yearly fee of £30 (for a student railcard) will knock off 1/3 of your fee, who doesn’t love a bargain now and again?

Number Three

Don’t leave it last minute. After a quick look, I have found a return train leaving tomorrow (Feb 26th) to Edinburgh Waverley station, for £70 but leaving in a months time it is only £53.

Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves- or so they say.


Train journeys are substantially quicker than travelling by car or bus and you don’t have to fear hitting rush hour.

Giving you more time to explore your desired location. You might even find yourself on a train under the channel for £50, who wouldn’t love a short break to Paris?

My little top tip…

I know you may want to save money but reserving a seat could save you standing the 3 hour journey to and from London. On busy days seats will be quickly snapped up so don’t risk it, unless you are happy standing with the luggage.

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