Snaps, snaps and more snaps.

There is no better way to remembering a trip than taking a photograph. For some, it is simply the best insight into a place, without actually going.

That is why I want to see yours.

I want to see your favourite and your best holiday snaps from around the world, there’re many places I’m yet to visit and some I can only dream of. This is easiest and best way to see and explore the adventures you have all been on.

Whether it be Scotland or New Zealand, send them in! (I’ve made it easy by starting with a few of my own)

I’m always looking for a new adventure and I can imagine there’s a lot more people who are too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This little slide show shows not only mine but other readers pictures from around the world.

To get involved and have your pictures on my blog send them in a tweet to @touringstudent or simply comment below.

Keep a look out, you never know where we will end up going.

logoAre you ready to explore?

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