Megans camp America experience

Megans Camp America trip gave her a fantastic summer in 2015.

To give you a little insight into the experience of working on an american summer camp, Megan explained to me what the few months she spent in the USA was like for her.

Summer 2015 was one I will never forget.

After lots of preparation- including all the boring stuff- I bought my plane ticket and jetted off to New York City.

Rough 3,300 miles from home I started working for French woods festival of the performing arts summer camp.

french woods
THE HORSE BACK TEAM: French woods summer camp


My days began no later than 6am and finished around 9pm. Although living with children who happen to be away from their homes too, meant I never really clocked off.

As exhausted as I was during my trip, the lack of sleep was worth it.

I got to live along side a huge range of cultures and traditions. Work with children and animals. Make new and life long friends.

It was a dream come true.

I visited Nigara Falls, New York city, Philadelphia and Ithaca. Towns and cities that I will always remember.

Even if it’s just because the colleges look like Hogwarts.

Megan’s little top tip…

Spend your summer doing something you love, somewhere you have never been. American summer camps are perfect for students and they are located all over the country.

Don’t waste your days and remember at camp; a day feels like a week, a week feels like a month but a summer feels like a second.

logoAre you ready to explore?


Enjoy, From Megan.


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