Fancy a ferry ride?

You don’t have to hop on a plane everywhere, there’s always ferries travelling across the channel and various other places.

They are a fantastic way to start your trip; with bars, restaurants and casinos on board, your holiday starts on the water.

From cabins for four people, small but packed with everything you need for your overnight cruise. To Commodore plus cabins which include mini bars with endless refreshments and large double beds.

Commodore de Luxe 2
DFDS: Commodore de Luxe 2
Sea View cabin
DFDS: Sea View cabin

Mini cruises to Amsterdam, Prague or Calais could cost you as little as £148 for a party of two.

Leaving from ports across the coast of England, it is one of the easiest ways to explore Europe.

WHERE TO GO: Ferries leaving from England.

One of the most popular student destinations for ferry travelling is Amsterdam, Holland.

A short break to Amsterdam could see you explore a sex museum one hour and basking in the history of Anne Frank the next. What’s not to love?

My little top tip…

The same applies to booking a ferry as it does to booking a flight, look around for the cheapest. If you only look on one direct (the ferry companies)  website how are you going to save any money, think about that budget?

Websites such as Direct ferries compare prices and dates for your journey.

It is really that easy.

logoAre you ready to explore?


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