Backpacking locations you MUST visit.

I understand how difficult it is to decide whereabouts in this great big world that you want to walk, climb, swim and explore next but throw on your rucksack and add the next destinations to your ‘must visit’ list.

Surely you have a list, right?

These locations are perfect for backpacking; cheap, exciting and full of other people just like you.

Australia is one of the most popular places for students wanting to explore. With budget hostels and accommodation, cheap transport links and wonderful sight-seeing opportunities, what more could you want?

The huge country hosts plenty of backpacking gems but with its large scale, make sure you plan where you most want to go.

Your budget could be quickly used up if you don’t plan ahead.

There’re many forms of transport to help you on your way but shockingly one of the cheapest ways to explore Aus is by hiring a car. If you are travelling in a group this is going to save you a fortune and give you a relatively safe place to keep your belongings, besides its a lot easier to stick to your own schedule.

Australia is similar to many other countries, it is mostly a safe place to travel, however -just like others- some areas should be avoided.

Research first and ask locals for information if you aren’t too sure.

India will be one of the most cultural enriching places you visit on your travels. To start your adventure, think about your health, there are plenty of vacinations available to prevent many diseases in the area.

Flights to many areas of India are extremely cheap, so your budget should stretch a long way. Goa and Delhi are often travellers first choice, however just like many places sometimes the less popular places are wonderful to discover.

Kerala is a scenic setting for travellers and one that shouldn’t be over looked. Lakes and lagoons are filled with aquatic animals and house boats, a beautiful area of the Arabian sea.

Thailand is becoming increasingly expensive, with many tourists taking an all inclusive break to the south. However as a backpacker, you are best to focus on the inland areas.

The rural landscapes are great to explore and its very cheap to travel using public transport. Many trains run through the night giving you the freedom to look around during the day and catch a quick nap on the move.

Dorm rooms and hostels are very popular throughout Thailand and will definitely save you a few pounds.  For a decent bunkbed, you could be spending as little as five pounds per night, depending on location.

Indonesia is another on the large list. This country is humongous and definitely not to be underestimated.

Another destination that you must plan.

It is near enough impossible to see all of the indonesia, so select the places that you want to see most and start exploring.

Depending on your budget you may want to stick to one area of the country, however if not make sure you spend a while relaxing on the Bali beaches and visit Mayong village for stunning walks in Buleleng.

The Raja Ampat islands of Sorong are another sight not to be missed during your time in Indonesia.

Europe, although it’s not a country I was unable to select a specific destination or my list would go on forever.

The versatility in one continent is astounding, from the beautiful beach of Albania to the buzzing bath parties in Budapest, there’s something for everyone and more.

The cheapest way to travel is definitely by inter-railing, this ensures you only have to buy one train ticket for your trip and it can even take you back to England once you finish.

Big cities such as Paris and Milan are going to push your budget but are a great place to pop in and do a little bit of sight seeing, you might be able to grab yourself a cheap stay in a hostel if you are lucky but due to the popularity of these places it could be busy.

While saving some of your budget you can still explore the south of France and Amsterdam for just two examples.

America is one huge place and it’s difficult to get a sense of the full country without seeing it all.

To make the most out of a backpacking experience in the States I would suggest going with an experienced company such as Trek America.

This ensures you practically can’t forget a thing and you will have a stress free experience. If you are travelling alone this will also be a great way to meet people just like you.

The tours differ however within a 20 night stay in the USA you could visit New York City, Memphis, The grand canyon, LA and Washington DC.

All your accomodation is booked and your transport is sorted, all you need is your belongings and a sleeping bag.

Backpacking is the perfect way for young people to travel, especially on a budget. It is easy to meet new people, explore new places and learn new life lessons whilst creating so many memories.

My little top tip…

Travel insurance is extremely important expecially whilst backpacking. Some locations will not treat you medically unless you have insurance that they know about.

To ensure you are fully covered I would suggest looking into what companies cover all your destinations and the length of your stay. Companies such as Navigation will charge you a specific price that fits every aspect of your trip.

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