The best places to grab a cocktail

Everyone loves a nice day drinking trip which requires little movement and comes with a huge list of cocktails to pick from.

I’m partial to a strawberry martini now and again- so I’ve had a quick think about where I’ve had some of the best cocktails, some you may never have guessed.

Home and away- all the top cocktails I’ve had the pleasure of tasting, comment with your favourites as I’m yet to experience them all!

Fossil Gate social, York

You practically stumble upon this little gem. The small cocktail list and craft ales, accompanied by a great atmosphere create the perfect combinations for a quiet drink.

This imitates bar/cafe is great for one or two drinks with friends. The relaxing setting works perfectly with a mix of Gin and cloudy lemon poured over ice.

The purple pig, Middlesbrough

Behind all the pig puns that this tasty restaurant insists on sharing with us, is a great list of cocktails. There’s one for everyone; some of my favourites are ‘Blue and red make purple’ which includes Gin, Chambord and berry puree and ‘You’re bacon me crazy’ which mixes Malibu, Bacardi, passion fruit/orange/cranberry juice.

I warned you about the puns, didn’t I?

Evil Eye Lounge, York

For the largest selection of cocktails, this is the place to be. The laid-back atmosphere and quirky decor along with friendly staff ensure a great place to enjoy a cocktail or four.

It would be impossible to pick a favourite but I would recommend trying an apple strudel and a bubblegum shot.

There’s a good chance you won’t have heard of 80% of the cocktails on this huge menu so be daring and ask the bartender for a surprise.

Bols cocktail bar, Amsterdam

A little bit different but certainly one to consider if you are planning a trip away anytime soon. Bols cocktail bar is located in Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, so a bit more inaccessible but if you ever have a lengthy wait then this is a place to try.

It’s certainly not a place to get drunk, as we were told numerous times by the barmaid, however despite this, we tried two beautiful cocktails that ended our holiday wonderfully. They were very strong, so maybe two was enough!

Slug and lettuce, Liverpool

Everyone loves a two for one offer, especially those that last all day, every day.

Slug and lettuce provided us with a fruity cocktail to start the day and banish our hangovers. The perfect blends that make up their redefined cocktail menu will both start and end your day in the best way possible.

Tropical smash is my favourite from this delightful menu.

Macy Browns, Middlesbrough

This cosy little cocktail bar is perfect for a celebratory occasion. With a wide selection of classic cocktails to pick from everyone should be happy.

The staff are attentive and friendly, nothing seems too much of a problem. Even when an awkward customer like myself asks for a Long Island ice tea; without the Tequila or coke and substituted with more Vodka and cranberry juice. Sorry!

Cobblers champaign bar, Normanby

This place is one to escape bumping into your dad around his local pubs. The Cobblers is a small, cosy bar that has a vast selection of wines, cocktails and champagne. Along with beers and lagers for the less adventurous.

This bar is also perfect to hire out for private parties, with a small bar and a range of seating areas it is great for a small party.



My little top tip…

Yate’s is a fantastic chain restaurant and bar that promises a decent cocktail almost everywhere you go.

There range is brilliant and always reliable, they often get busy and don’t have the ‘cocktail bar’ feel but if it is taste you are looking for then don’t overlook this classic.

Their Bubblegum and Jelly baby cocktails are a must!

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