Top locations to welcome Spring

We are about to step into Spring and hopefully experience some less Wintery weather, although in rainy England it isn’t likely.

So just as a contingency plan I’ve listed a few locations you may want to jet off too, just in case your Easter holidays aren’t as adventurous as you may like.

We all miss the sun; it’s been missing for around four months, at least.

These holiday destinations require suncream (protects you from the sun, just in case us Brits forget) all year round

Number one, Canary Islands

One of the more relaxing places to spend Easter but also one of the cheapest. This time of year is less expensive than summer and you can still expect around 25 degrees celsius across the islands.

Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria is a home away from home. If you simply want some sun, with a very British feel then this place is perfect.

Number two, Jamaica 

March is one of the best months to visit Jamaica. Reaching temperatures of up to 30 degrees celsius, missing the hurricane and rain season the island is at it’s best.

The stunning white beaches surround the coast providing an area of total relaxation in comparison to the bustling capital city Kingston and surrounding towns. With vibrant bars and nightclubs within the city and endless water sports, safaris and even shopping centres.

Number three, Bhutan

Spend the beginning of Spring somewhere unique, unlike most other people. Backpack for a week or two around the Bhutan mountains. Hike to temples and monasteries, exploring the untouched land. See Tigers and Leopards in their natural environment one day and go water rafting the next.

Phuntsholing is the place for a nightlife scene, although still pretty quiet. This one isn’t for spending days hungover, it is about seeing nature at it’s best.

Number four, Philippines

Perfect for students on a budget, these islands have something for everyone and for every price range possible. Budget accommodation along with travel means you can see difference areas of the Philippine islands for little cost.

In March/April temperatures can climb to highs of 33 degrees celsius and regularly stay above 25 degrees.

Number five, Cape Town

Reaching highs of 30 degrees celsius Cape town, South Africa is perfect for March.

Students can find budget accommodation, along with secluded beach and experience a retro African drink. Long street is the perfect place for students to visit and unwind whilst drinking the night away.

All in all March and April are respectable months when considering travelling.

Places are quieter, prices are usually cheaper and you can still get the suntan you have been longing for.




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