Spring break destinations

Spring break is finally upon us, for university student’s it has been a long and tiring period after Christmas leading to these holidays.

Now wouldn’t it be nice to celebrate spring break in the all American way?

Possibly not in America.

These five locations will give you the chance to relax, drink and dance.

Cancun, Mexico

The all inclusive resorts surround Cancun make this a hotspot for students wanting to enjoy Spring break. Americans celebrate the break in Mexico due to the drinking age, allowing them to relax and party into the night.

Day parties on the white beaches lead the vacation with many going to see top DJ’s at night in many of Mexico’s clubs.

Miami, Florida

A rather pricey location due to the popularity of sping break in Florida however with a long strip of bars and a wonderful beach it is certainly worth the money.

Expect the Florida beaches to be busy and a little louder than normal during this time. For teens wanting a little fun in the sun florida is not one to overlook.


One of the largest caribbean islands, Jamaica is a popular destination of holiday makers during Feburary and April. The cream beaches and transparent waters make the Jamaican beaches a hotspot for most.

There is plenty of bars and late night venues for a few low key drinks to help relax and unwind.


Entertainment is best in the Bahamas during Spring break. Large resorts will be crowded with people enjoying Dj’s, dances and music.

Pool parties, beach parties, hotel parties and clubs make up an exciting spring break vacation.

Las Vegas, America

The party capital of the USA, even without the added attraction of Spring break. Casinos and bars will be full of students and travellers spending a little more than they should.

Large hotel resorts such as MGM draw in the holiday makers with large parties with a Hollywood guestlist.

My little top tip…

When travelling to America don’t forget the legal drinking age is 21, so don’t be disapointed when you are refused a drink even if you can legalling drink in England.

Websites such as Studentcity will help each year to find you the best spring locations at the best prices.

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