What’s with all the panic?

I’m not going to tell you all fear is stupid; fear ensures we are alert and remain aware of our surroundings, but fearing something that you don’t fully understand seems a little unnecessary.

Everyone is aware what is going on in the world.

Acts of terrorism have hit an all time high, worldwide that is, so why do we fear certain places?

Turkey, seems to be one country hit drastically by the acts of a minority. It was also the place I personally decided to visit once again this summer.

Not once on my weeks holiday in Icmeler did I feel unsafe or threatened. The locals remain as welcoming as they did two years previous. They thrive off the tourism that once filled each bar, restaurant and hotel.

Friends of both myself and my boyfriend questioned us repeatedly as to why we picked a country bordering Syria, and our response remained the same each time.

“Would you stop traveling to Edinburgh if there was trouble in London?”

“No” -being the recurring answer-seemed to highlight the ridiculousness of their sense of fear in the first place.

Situated 430 miles away from the Turkish and Syrian border is Marmaris, a few miles from that the quieter resort of Icmeler. Both fantastic for families, couple and even young group holiday destinations.

Cheap hotels, food and drink weigh out paying around £350 for your return flights. Not bad, really.

Price isn’t everything, I get that, but surely beautiful surroundings, beach activities such as scuba diving and water sports, glorious weather, boat trips, mountain rides, shopping (great prices for gold), quad bikes and so so much more is what a holiday is all about.

I had a truly amazing time away; everything was spectacular, including my cousin’s wedding. Yes, a wedding in Turkey! I can imagine your fearing faces.


But back to my main message, it is safe. Just as safe as any other tourist destination.

You should always be alert and remain cautious, but that goes for walking around your local town just as much as going anywhere on holiday.

If you ever feel unsure about visiting a destination the best thing to do is check the foreign travel advice website provided by the government. This will tell you everything you need to know about anywhere you want to go.

If they say no, then don’t go!

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