A little place I love 

I need to tell you all about somewhere I stupidly forgot about.

Somewhere you can all relax.

Somewhere you can even have a little bit of a pamper. 

Somewhere you can even squeeze a work out in. ( I didn’t, but you could.)

Let me take you back a bit, four months back to be exact. I was having a nightmare week attempting to make my boyfriends birthday special. So I began looking at weekend breaks etc.

You know the type that means you get to enjoy the present equally as much? 

Anyway, I searched everywhere. City breaks, Glamping, ferry trips, even Butlins! Until I stumbled across a beautiful little place in York, England. 

Both myself and my boyfriend love York, you’ll of read my endless good comments about it before- so I thought- where better?

The KP lodges and hotel ended up being fabulous, and certainly a wonderful way to spend a special day.

These luxury rooms range in price, starting at a very reasonable £79. 

I’d recommend the hotel rooms with a private hot tub. You can admire the beautiful surroundings in your own secluded hot tub. Great in any weather condition (a plus in rainy old England).

Hot tub plus one boyfriend

It’s difficult to find a similar setting that is available for only one night. That’s another positive to add to the endless list. The hotel rooms (with a hot tub) give you the luxury of a lodge, without the unnecessary extras not needed if you are only staying for a night.

You get a huge four poster bed, seating area with a flat screen TV, a fridge and mini kitchen area (kettle and tea etc) and a double bathroom – that’s two sinks and two showers by the way. Not to forget the outside area, for private use of yourself and guest only.

private hot tub
comfiest four poster bed ever
lounge area plus one boyfriend
Two incredible showers

I have recommended this place to everyone I know, many of them now doing the same after visiting and falling in love. 

I’ll be returning in October for my second visit and I’m pretty sure I’ll be booking it time and time again.


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