Top 10 reasons to travel in your twenties 

The list is endless when it comes to reasons to travel, but travelling young adds even more.

I have recently gone into my third year at university, meaning the pressure is on to think about my future.

Do I go further within education? Get a full time job in my chosen profession? Get any job possible that can pay me a decent wage? Ditch everything and go travelling for the year?

The latter is much more appealing.

So I began to question why, at the age of 20, should I follow in the footsteps of many and go sightseeing around the world.

1. New places bring new experiences

In your twenties you are very much still educating yourself. You are learning about yourself, the world around you and what the hell you are supposed to do in all these very different situations that arise.

Life experiences are what helps you define ‘you’. So go to a new place and experience a new culture. You never know what it might teach you.

2. Freedom 

Later in life you are going to have many more ties. Whether it be a Mortgage or debt, children, a partner or a long term job; you are going to be leaving a lot more behind.

The less difficult it is to leave to better your experience will be. You never know you may already have a partner that wants to jet off with you.

3. What do you want to do? 

You might not be able to answer this question. You might not even understand what I’m asking.

Somewhere along the line, on a train or even in a slightly trashy motel, you may just have that epiphany. The one that lights up a path for your furture.

4. Build a bond

You are young! Create life long friendships whilst it’s deemed ‘easy’.

Even if that’s getting drunk in the city’s bars till 5am or crashing in a youth hostel with your new traveling friend. These bonds are easier to establish at a young age.

5. It’s easier, health wise.

Can you drink alcohol most nights on a weekend and wake up on Monday morning, fresh?

No, well neither can most but imagine doing the same in 20 years time.

Struggle to sleep on a mattress any less comfortable than memory foam?

No, well again, try it in 20 years time after walking or hiking all day.

Get my drift?

6. Experience looks good

Volunteered in a poverty effected country for four weeks.

Volunteered teaching children a basic level of English language for three weeks in Greece. 

Oooohh don’t you sound fancy.

In competitive employment fields, travelling looks exceptional good on your CV. Whilst making you stand out front he crowd.

7. It can be done in a relatively cheap way.

Don’t care about sharing a room with six others and not getting much sleep- £15 per night

Need at least eight hours of sleep and your own private bathroom – £60 per night

8. You will stop living through other people’s experiences 

Stop looking at Instagram! Go and see all the incredibly beautiful places that make us all envious of those who fill the feeds of social media sites with picturesque scenes.

These places exist, so stop looking at them from one perspective.

9. You will look better

Fast forward 15 years when you are flicking through your holiday snaps with a bunch of colleges, wanting to impress.

Your holiday picture will show the best side of you.

The adventurous, exciting and good-looking you that everyone should remember.

10. Age is never guaranteed 

You should never look back and wish you had done something.

You are capable now, do not wait for 10 years down the line when a lot may have changed.

Old age is not set in stone.

Are you ready to explore? 


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