A travelers Christmas wish list

If you haven’t started your Christmas shopping, you better hurry! 

We are speeding through November at an incredibly fast rate, plus it’s nearly Black Friday (huge worldwide sale day).

So from a travel lovers point of view, there’s a good few things I’d love to wake up to from Santa on December 25th (46 sleeps and counting).

From stocking fillers to luxury breaks, here’s the what I’m dreaming of finding under my pretty Christmas tree.

1. Urbeats Earphones

Every traveler needs a good set of earphones or headphones, personally I’m more for earphones.

You never know if you’ll be sat next to a young- crying- traveler or a snorer on your next flight.

These give you the opportunity to relax into your own world listening to your favourite music whilst traveling anywhere.

2. Tripp Large four wheel suitcase in Mulberry 

I’m a sucker for a pretty suitcase and this one certainly ticks that box.

I love packing for a holiday! Doing so in such a lovely case would make it even better.

Suitability is also key. TSA lock, lightweight frame, four wheels and a good guarantee.

3.Long Champ large travel bag

A girl can dream, right?

This large travel bag- in black- is perfect for your hand luggage on long journeys or a weekend bag for them short getaways.

4. Scratch map 
A good looking way to keep track of your travels.

You simply scratch away the coating on a worldwide map, scratch over all the places you have visited to keep a visible track on your travels.

5.  GoPro Hero four

Everyone wants the perfect videos and pictures that fill our Instagram. With a GoPro camera you can do just that, underwater and above!

Its size and durability are equally as impressive as the quality footage that these cameras capture.

6. Priority airport pass

Shockingly, these expensive looking rooms actually save you a fortune once you enter.

Executive lounges give you a little piece of calm in busy airports, plus you get to eat and drink until your heart (or stomach) is content.

These passes are offered at various rates, but some way or another you get a pretty big discount into your entry.

7. PomPom Missguided hat

A little less travel based and more ‘practicality’ based.

Not everywhere you travel is sunny and warm, some can be very cold.

I’ll never be the same girl who walked around NYC in February -whilst it was -15 degrees – in a denim jacket.

8. USB portable battery pack

If you own a phone that offers a USB charger, this is a must!

The security of a battery source where ever you are is wonderful.

The promise of pictures, just imagine that!

9. Illuminated globe earth and stars

Dreaming of getting away, but not being able to as soon as you’d like?

This globe acts as the perfect night light for any room. You can look at all the places you wish to travel and then the stars you’ll see on a relaxing night there.

10. A weekend city break

Now, I understand I’m pushing my luck with Santa on this one, but wouldn’t it be perfect?

Imagine waking up to tickets to Paris or Rome, Barcelona or Nice.

Maybe one year I’ll treat myself to this one next Christmas.

I might even make it to New York for New Year’s Eve.

Are you ready to explore?


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