My English favourite

I bet you all have many spots around England that charm you into visiting time and time again.

Mine is the historic city of York. Each street filled with undeniable beauty and ambience that echoes around the gothic architecture. When in the city I feel like I am in a completely different European country. One that entices me in further each time.

York offers something for everyone, and I mean everyone. Its range of activities makes it the perfect family day out, couples weekend break or a friends getaway.

I’ll start with the city itself and the surroundings. York is home to a 13 century cathedral, one of the most beautiful in the country (in my opinion of course).

For those who enjoy history and culture, this is certainly an unmissable experience. The Minster remains in its traditional form, with stained glass windows and gothic architecture. A tour is definitely worth it.


YORK MINSTER: A beautiful gothic cathedral. 


As a shopping lover I am also tempted to visit a place if I find its choice in shops appealing.  York certainly offers a selection to tempt those similar to myself.

The city centre offers many shops such as your common M&S and New Look. However, you can find Jack Wills hidden in a small town house down the twisted cobbles and many small boutiques offering homemade trinkets and one of a kind clothing.

The York designer outlet is also on the outskirts of the main city centre. Offering many discounts on designer brands such as Ted Baker, Mark Jacobs and Radley. Trust me, this place is worth a trip.

YORK DESIGNER OUTLET: Save on designer products (credit to Wikimedia Commons)


Now for my favourite part, the cocktail bars!

I love remembering my trips exploring York, but after many cocktails in some of my favourite bars along the way, sometimes it gets a little hazy.

The streets of York are lined with bar after bar. One of my all time favourites is the quirky two story cocktail bar and Thai restaurant, Evil Eye Lounge.

You will be able to order cocktails you have never heard of, my recommendation is the Apple strudel.

The Stone Roses bar is perfect for those who like live music and sport, Bora Bora is perfect for those who love the feel of nightclubs, but possibly can’t hack the full blown thing, and The house of Trembling Madness is perfect for those who love rare ales and food.

See, something for everyone!


If you are based in England, then I’d advise you (quickly) to make a trip to York. Hotels can be found year round for reasonable rates and transport links are fantastic.

Those visiting from afar should also consider making sure York is on their list.


Are you ready to explore?

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