The best advice I’ve received

You might not be as cliche as me, but quotes inspire me, advice drives me and beautiful photos make me want to spontaneously book a flight somewhere beginning with the letter B (or c, d, e, f…).

Some advice stands out more than others, you know the kind that simply sticks.

The sentences that get stuck in your mind for hours or days, whether its a passing comment of a 4am inspiration wake up call.

Heres my top four; not a lot i know, but it isn’t always about the quantity remember.

Number One,

Traveling teaches you more about yourself than you could ever imagine. Whether it be about your future aspirations or the person you are or want to become, you will learn valuable lessons, about yourself, along the way.

LOS ANGELES: Overlooking the city


Number Two,

“Never go on trips with someone you do not love”- Ernest Hemingway

Never travel with someone you don’t love. Even if you end up traveling solo, do not sacrifice a wonderful experience fearing upset.

Traveling in a group or pairs often requires a lot of communication and sacrifice, it might not always include what you want to do. Be willing to change to suit others.


Number three,

Travel while you are young and able to do so. Time is not always granted, so travel as soon and as much as you are able to.

MY FIRST GIRLS HOLIDAY: Magaluf, a holiday that seems like years ago.

Number Four,

Go somewhere you never thought you’d be able to go. Do something you never thought you would ever do each time. Make each trip worthwhile.


Some of these may not mean anything to you -nothing at all- and that’s fine, but one day someone might mention something, a passing comment, that inspires you like it did me or maybe I have just done that.

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