2016 for a traveller 

We are only a day away from welcoming 2017- with open arms of course.

2016 has been a strange one. If strange can be used to the extreme.

A traveller loves to explore, the less undiscovered the better in my opinion. Although I do love the popular destinations as well !

These 12 months have made me question my desire to discover new and exciting adventures; my safety being at the forefront of my mind.

As everyone is aware, many horrible and life changing incidents have occurred throughout 2016, including terrorist attacks on some of the most popular tourist destinations around the world. But, what does that mean for the likes of me and you?

If my friend fell off a bike and cut her arm when I was eight, for a few minutes I was cautious of my own bike and my own actions.

If a terrorism attack happens in Ankara, Turkey, I am cautious of visiting Icmeler- 330 miles away.

COAST: Off the coast of Icmeler 2016

Two very different situations but both determined by fear. The first, would fade quickly and eight year old me would hop back on my bike and peddle away. The second, seems to be lasting.

Fear shouldn’t stop us. It should ensure we are alert at all times and remain vigilant, but that is the same as it has always been.

Anything can happen, no matter your location. So I’ll be visiting many more places in 2017, I hope you will too.

And on that note, Happy new year!


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