The only way to describe NYC

How do you describe New York City?

Simply put, you can’t. It is impossible to describe one of the most incredible cities in the world.

NEW YORK CITY: At night from the top of the Empire State Building

It is all possible cliches. The city that never sleeps. The capital of the world and so on. My favourite of all “One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years”- John Wolfe.

From landing at JFK or Newark, the yellow cab ride into the big apple creates a feeling, a feeling that is so difficult to describe. You feel energized and excited to explore. Your mouth opens slightly in awe of the sky scrappers around you, the busyness of each block, the iconic landmarks you have heard so much about. As cliche as it sounds, you feel empowered to succeed in anything your heart desires, this is where dreams are made after all.

Bottle that feeling; sell it, you’ll make a fortune.

As a child, I watched endless films of NYC, the snow settled on the ground of Central Park, the endless crowds in Times Square, the world famous shops lining the streets, it had it all. Yet nothing compares to the real life experience.

CENTRAL PARK: an afternoon stroll

Don’t be discouraged, New York may seem an expensive city to visit, but it is very affordable when visited correctly.

Flight prices range massively, I recently found many for £700 per person (MAN – JFK) for March; including a very unpleasant three stops tallying up to 36 hours travel. That’s a no from me. However, with the help of websites such as Skyscanner, my total ended up being £800 for two flying direct from Manchester.

It is lovely to return each night into a wonderful hotel such as the Millenium Hilton, over looking Ground zero. Trust me, it’s an incredible place to stay. However, if your budget is pretty tight, check out AirBnB or the reasonably priced options such as the New Yorker and The Pennsylvania. Always remember, you’ll spend minimal time in your hotel; clean, safe and central is all you need.

No matter how many times you visit, or how long you stay, if you aren’t a local you won’t get a chance to see everything. Here are a few (only a few, there’s so many more!) unmissable experiences for your first trip.

  • Visit the Empire State Building at night. Pay the money and see New York City from a height. The unmissable views will stay with you forever, it’s also a perfect opportunity for a few Instagram pictures too.
  • See a Broadway show. Whatever is on, from Cats to a Bronx tale, there is something for everyone and you will love it. Often tickets are sold with a possible obstructed view, but chances are when you get in, your view is perfect! It’s also a good way to save a few pounds as these can be pricey.
  • Take an hour or two to explore Central Park. A movie once gave me the inspiration to share a set of headphones with a friend or partner, listen to your favourite music and simply stroll around.
  • Take to the skies on a 5-20 minute helicopter ride. Opt for a day trip to visibly see all of New York’s incredible landscapes.
  • Take the escalators up to each floor of Macy’s department store. Make up, bags, clothes, shoes, toiletries; anything you can possibly dream of, is in there. Not forgetting this is the most amazing store to visit at Christmas time.
  • Remembering New York’s history, spend time at Ground zero. An emotional and heartfelt place, not to be missed.

The list is endless and I could certainly go on, but most importantly, explore the city for yourself.

I will never get bored of New York City, as said by Myrna Loy “if you are bored in New York, it is your own fault”.

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10 thoughts on “The only way to describe NYC

  1. I have been to new York and I loved it and I remember the awe effect and the taxi ride and the Empire State Building & the central Parc. I remeber it all, and I loved it, thanks for taking me back. I stayed in a very good hostel over there which I would totally recommend but I feel like going back I stayed only for two weeks and as you said we won’t see it all, but I want to. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I love this post. Being from Jersey, its a 20 min train ride to the city for me so I was there multiple times a month. NYC is basically a second home for me, I totally agree on the fact that you might think you saw a lot in one day there but in reality there’s not enough time in the world to see what the city has to offer. If you ever find yourself back there, I can give some recommendations for some awesome, cheap places to go! xx


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