You aren’t restricted to Magaluf and Aiya Napa

We have all been there, 10 girls or lads sat around a computer discussing your first group holiday. Your list of destinations limited to Magaluf, Aiya Napa, Malia and all the other locations famously shown on the trashy television show (that we love) called Sun Sex and Suspicious parents.

Now before I begin, this is in no way an attack on the famous party holidays most teens venture on. I’ve been to Magaluf myself, twice actually, and I enjoyed my little 18 year old self. I simply want to open your minds to what else is out there.

I’m also a firm believer that resorts such as Magaluf get far too much negative publicity, it really is a beautiful place, loved by the locals and tourists.

MAGALUF: Vista sol hotel

But the world isn’t confined to busy bar strips and foam parties, you’ll have just as much fun at the below locations. Trust me.

Cancun, Mexico

Your very own slice of paradise. You can have all the luxury you desire on this holiday, whilst still being able to explore huge nightclubs and bars by nightfall. If you are lucky enough, you might find a hotel with it’s own pool bar, these are perfect for when temperatures rocket to highs of 35 degrees Celsius.

Mexico is a popular party, holiday for Americans who are restricted by to drink by state laws in their own country until they are 21.

Although, often on the heftier side of a budget, Cancun is full of famous nightclubs, the beaches host parties and the bars ooze history. Even if that’s just Tequila.

Hotel Pick: No budget? Rui Cancun has recently been refurbished to offer three pools, including a pool bar and your very own private beach.

MEXICO: Birds eye view of Cancun



Keeping in mind Thailand is no longer the cheap tourist destination, Thailands popular tourist destinations can be pricey, However it isn’t the only place available. Koh Phi Phi, is one of the islands most popular party destinations and one of the islands busiest tourist locations.

Transport is cheap throughout Thailand, meaning you can spend a few days in Koh Phi Phi whilst you let your hair down and then head off somewhere a little more relaxing such as Koh Chang-one of Thailands cheap options.

Top Tip: visiting between May-October can save you a few pounds as this is rainy season in Thailand, the rain normally happens in short spurts can be a brilliant site to see. It doesn’t mean you won’t get any sun, I promise.


THAILAND:Phi Phi islands


Marmaris, Turkey

Turkey is one of my favourite, sun/sand/alcohol and budget friendly places. You can always rely on the country for unbelievably hot weather (It’ll be the bane of your life when you are hungover).

The price of a weeks holiday in Marmaris or Icmeler can start from £350 pp, leaving you with enough spending money to splash out on water sports along the stunning beaches and enough for a shot in each bar along the strip- and the rest.

If you have any worries about visiting Turkey, check out my post about why you really have no reason to panic.



This Spanish island, is one many English tourists flock to each year. With the current rate of the Euro beating the Dollar, you are bound to save yourself a few pounds sticking somewhere a little closer to home.

The flight from the UK is around two and a half hours, making it the perfect destination for large groups and the possible nervous flyer.

My recommendation would be Cala de Bosch; especially if your group, is a little older and enjoy the pubs over nightclubs.

MENORCA: Spanish Island


Where ever you go, if you are with friends, you will enjoy it. Remember to compromise, sit down and chat about everything you want from the holiday and then have an explore online. Budgets range, so make sure everyone is happy with the pricing.

We certainly enjoyed our first holiday, in good old Magaluf.

MAGALUF: My first girls holiday


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