My travel playlist

We have all been there, stuck on a five hour journey without any charge on our mobiles. It is a nightmare!

I struggle to travel anywhere without the company of my music playlists. Even when in the car on a 15 minute journey, the radio has to be on.

My music playlists reflect my mood and often the activities I’m about to participate in. However, some songs stick with me, reminding me of a past experience or place. It is these songs I love reflecting on.

New York state of mind- Billy Joel

On my first trip to NYC, we arrived at JFK airport at midday, catching a yellow cab quickly from outside. Whilst crossing the Hudson, with my view of Manhattan spreading from window to window, New York state of mind began playing.

As a young teen, my imagination was already running wild with the idea of the big city.

The incredibly cliche moment will stick with me for years to come, Billy Joel is also now one of my ‘feel good’ artists. Even as a 20 year old female!

Broken Arrow- Pixie Lott 

Firstly, I would like to state that during this time I was in no way upset or depressed, no matter how many times I played this song.

Whilst sun bathing in Marmaris, Turkey as a young girl Pixie Lott played continuously for a good hour before I decided enough was enough.

Brother- Matt Corby

In 2015 I spent 16 hours travelling to Los Angeles with my best friend. Stopping in Amsterdam and San Francissco along the way, tiredness sets in quickly.

Helping along the way was my best friend Spotify (not actually Morgan, who travelled with me). Matt Corby is one of my favourite artists, instantaneously relaxing me, a sensation difficult to find during long haul flights and many delays.


Comment your favourite songs on our travel playlist!

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2 thoughts on “My travel playlist

  1. I definitely like listening to location specific songs when I travel to certain places, for instance New York State of Mind when traveling to NYC. I travel to Michigan a lot because I grew up there, and my sister lives there now, and “Only in Michigan” is one of my favorites when I travel there. Or any Eminem album when I’m in Detroit. 😀

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