The never ending Juggle

We have all been there, working out how it could ever be possible to travel as much as we desire and work/study as much as required.

In short, you can’t but you can compromise a little giving you the best of both worlds. It’s all about finding your balancing point, usually on a tightrope with assignments on one side and a Tavel brochure on the other. Tricky business.

Everyone wants to spend eight month travelling the world and the other four relaxing and recovering from all that jet lag. When in reality, most of us get around 20 days holiday from our professional jobs (yayyy).

Splitting your time off

You might want to escape on a three week trip to America but maybe it’s best to hold off on that trip.

Sticking to short weekend breaks and quick trips can mean you get to discover a lot more places over the year.

Amsterdam, Prague, Paris and Nice are all amazing places to discover over the course of two or three days. Europe offers so many wonderful cities and towns that are the perfect distance away to ensure your travel craving is fed but you aren’t missing days at work.

PARIS 2012

If money is tight, this is also a great option. You can catch a ferry from Newcastle (England) to Amsterdam for £45 return. YES PLEASE!

Save for the trip of a lifetime

Always wanted to visit New York City or Coachella festival in Los Angeles, well that was me a few years ago.

So I saved up. I missed out on nights out once in a while and kept the money, I asked for dollars as Christmas and birthday presents and a year later I spent two weeks in LA with a close friend.

Commit to a timescale and save all that you can. Taking one big trip can be just as rewarding as loads of little ones.

COACHELLA: Coachella music festival
NYC: Looking over the city


Explore your own country

You don’t have to fly somewhere to see new and amazing places. Often hidden gems are only a small drive away.

Take a day trip on your weekend off, travel by bus or train and explore somewhere a bit closer to you.

I love in North east England and love visiting my surrounding area. I go on and on about York on my blog all the time! A little further away is London and Edinburgh, two of my other favourites. They each offer something very different to what my local town does, it’s still traveling even if you don’t have to change your currency.

YORK: North east England

Simply wait

This one may seem difficult to you, but it’s worthwhile.

Waiting, whist you save/work/study can provide you the time you need to plan and organise.

If you are wanting to take a big trip for a long period of time, it’s easy to just want to jet off but waiting offers you time to ensure you know what you want to see and do. Ensure you have the right amount of money and offers you a better experience in the long run.

Whatever you decide will be worth it when you look back.


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