Why I choose to return to NYC

Recently, I returned from my third trip the big apple, (that’s New York for the newbies).

My all time favourite city. It’s unforgetable streets provide the perfect playground to explore each and every time you visit.

I completely understand peoples concerns when returning to the same destination more than a couple times, there is plenty more of the world to see. However, New York- for me- is a little different.

A mini world in its own right.

There’s some places that I love to visit again each time I return to the city. Central Park, Times Square, Empire state building ext.

But, new ones grab my attention just as equally. This trip had me seeing the views from the Top of the Rock at the Rockefeller, which were simply incredible.

TOP OF THE ROCK: Views across the city

I shopped endlessly in the fashion district, as well as purchasing my very first Tiffany’s bracelet and a whole tonne of makeup.

We also took 30 minutes out of our hectic plan and took a seat in central park, which offered the most perfect views of the city and surrounding scenery. It even stopped raining for a couple of minutes!

CENTRAL PARK: My favourite spot

In the bad weather, came beautiful sites. As I gazed above my head the skyscrapers appeared to be never ending. Although, it did ruin our attempt to see New York at night as even the Empire state building couldn’t break the fog. Always next time.

A FOGGY DAY: Never ending buildings

Your trip is not limited simply by location, but the adventures you have whether you may be.

Take the subway like a true New Yorker, but get lost and panic like a true tourist.

Walk in circles as you attempt to locate your hotel, hidden amongst the surround streets of Times square.

Stumble across a diner, that may appear a little old fashioned, but will be sure to offer the best Pizza and Bagels you have ever had.


Be a tourist, time and time again, with no expectations, but to experience the buzz and thrill of the city that never sleeps.

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2 thoughts on “Why I choose to return to NYC

  1. I am not the fan of skyscrapers but I found there is something about NYC that is very attractive and I am sure it will not your last time return to the NYC. I was there 11 years ago and still remember the afternoon walk in the central park, The picture you took in the park is very beautiful and makes me want to visit there again.


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