Keeping your travel memories

Sometimes your traveling days pass in a blur.

The little things that happen along the way often go forgotten. You forget the amazing cakes you tried from Carlo’s bakery or the sweet birthday gesture from your hotel.

Photo albums seem a little boring, memory sticks have no authenticity and framed photos take so much room.

My personal favourite, is a little more unrecognised and a little more appealing.


I bring home small items that remind me of my trip for example, plane tickets, event tickets and confectionery.

All my memorbelia is brought home and put into a small glass jar, offering a cute orniment to remind me of my trip.

You can put anything you like into the jars. Mine for New York in particular, has a cork from the bottle of wine I recieved for my birthday and the ribben from my Carlo’s bakery cakes. Literally, anything!



This is the perfect way to remember your experience on a personal level. Plus it looks good too!

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3 thoughts on “Keeping your travel memories

  1. Very cute! I keep all my tickets to entry places in a box called Travel Treasures lol. Helps me when I’m writing blog posts too. But I think I’ve gone a bit more digital with my momento keeping. Instagram, my google album and my blog now serves as my ways to treasure my travels. I like your decorative momento though.


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